The Taxi dispatch service transmits cab to customers and even maintains records of the services provided by them to their clients. They will sustain contact with the drivers by the means of phone, computer and/or a two-way radio. This system is a method which assigns the job to the drivers. In fact, the customers will be connected with the drivers to voyage to the specific location from their pick-up location. This was enhanced for the sake of customers to make a hassle-free traveling by booking a cab and the system aids for the company in monitoring the data about the customers.

Functioning of the service:

  • In a circumstance, if the customers need to travel to a specific location, they assign a call to book for the taxi.
  • Taxi dispatch service connects with the drivers who are in the surrounding location around the customer and dispenses the drive.
  • It aids in developing the businesses with responsive announcements for cab driver and customers, and even increases the efficiency by managing booking requests.
  • The system even enhances the superiority of the services by updating booking processes and controls the benefits of tariff estimations, compensation methods and invoicing systems.

Benefits of using the Taxi Dispatch Service:

  • To know and evaluate the competence of your fleets the system provides reliable reports.
  • It improves the development of the services with affording real-time updates.
  • In fact, the system standardizes the expenditures by means of consistent statistics and permits the customer to book the service in advance or in instant time.
  • Allocates the best fare and even allocates limits for the packages of the plans provided.

There Are Abundant Facilities Afforded:

  • The booking system is outstanding regarding both its design and competence. It is simply accessible and assists the customers in utilizing the services and in increasing the bookings.
  • The system operates in a way to attain more customers with the help of application and even maximizes the bookings with an instinctive interface.
  • Customers are provided with instant cab services lacking any interruption. The system transmits new updates and about services to the customers.
  • This dispatch system provides a respective tracking solution to control the resources, prepares the tasks and does routing with the map. It also tracks the route of the present residing location; even check the live status and driver locations. In fact, assigns the task to the drivers depending on the availability.
  • The system is consistent as it makes the cashless payments which afford comfort and convenience for the customers. Regarding the custom of advance and secure payment gateways, the system sustains customer data in a protected and safe mode.
  • To avoid inconvenience for the customers the system intimates the ride estimation even before booking and processes electronic receipts after the affirmation of the reimbursement. In fact, the system offers the best Taxi Dispatch Service by offering multiple payment methods.