Digital transcription is fast becoming the norm now that digital equipment has made it possible for transcription companies to provide online dictation and transcription services, delivering completed transcripts to clients located anywhere across the globe in record time. The process of transcription online (virtual transcription) means that transcription companies can rapidly and easily transcribe all kinds of standard and non-standard recordings (digital sound transcription, multimedia transcription, CD transcription, VHS and cassette tape transcription, mini and micro cassette transcription etc.), providing clients with accurate transcripts in the hard copy format of their choice.

Virtual Support Business has resolved any security issues associated with online transcription by uploading files to secure websites. Clients send us their sound (or visual) files online in wav or any other compatible format, and we will deliver the completed transcripts via FTP, True Share, secure email, and, of course, courier, fax or regular mail. Our audio transcription services include converting your files into the optimal quality digital format to process.

Our online transcription service is equipped with state-of-the-art digital equipment, and offers superior, efficient and complete solutions to the process of transcription – from the initial dictation phase to the final phases of document management, production, distribution and storage.

Virtual Support Business is a leading national outsourcer of transcription services. To provide superior quality online transcription services, we employ both highly experienced transcriptionists AND information technology experts who ensure that your dictations and recorded material are efficiently converted into data before being sent to the transcribers.

Internet transcription is useful in all the specialized areas of transcription. Online medical transcription is a rapidly growing sector of outsourced transcription, for example, and online medical transcription is fast becoming one of the major specializations of online transcription services.

Virtual Experts LLP is not a specialized transcription company. We provide general transcription services, as well as a complete range of specialized professional transcription services, including:

  • Academic Transcription
  • Legal Transcription (Court Transcription, Interview Transcription)
  • Corporate Transcription (Conference Transcription, Meeting Transcription, Insurance Transcription)
  • Multi-media transcription (Video Transcription, Podcast Transcription, Cassette Transcription)
  • Medical Transcription (Hospital Transcription, Medical Record Transcription)
  • Dictation Services
  • Typing Services, and much more

A major advantage of online transcription is that it makes it possible for us to offer first-rate accurate transcription at unbeatable rates. Clients also appreciate virtual transcription services because they are fast, efficient – and simple to work with. In addition, clients no longer need to worry about such considerations as time zones, geographical location or business hours.